Benefits of Home Care

Here at Silverstars, we know the importance of choosing the perfect care plan for yourself or your loved one. We'd like to help you with your thought process, and explain some of the benefits of having care in the comfort of your own home.



Greater Independence


Older adults may not admit they're struggling because they don't want to lose their sense of independence. It can be extremely difficult to except the fact that yourself or your loved one needs extra help. Keeping elders in their home and hiring a professional to come in doesn't leave them feeling unsettled or alienated in a care home.

Personalised Care 

When a caregiver comes into your home, their only focus is you. You are the centre of that session, meaning all needs of yours shall be first priority. Within a care home, caregivers are distributing their attention to all in the facility. 


Having home care limits the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Not only will clients have a carer popping in to provide conversation, it is also easier for loved ones and family members to visit clients in their own homes, rather than a facility. 

Relief for Family Caregivers

Home care benefits extend to family caregivers also. Caregivers are on hand to help with bathing, dressing and other daily tasks, bringing respite to family caregivers. Our team here at Silverstars are able to educate family and loved ones on how to provide follow-up care and connect them with helpful resources. This type of support provides peace of mind and protects against caregiver burnout.